Universal Entrepreneurs Development Program

Universal Entrepreneurs Development Program

Business & Entrepreneurs is a need of future and government will help them in a large scale. To start any business, there are lots of questions stand in front of a person like Finance, way of work, project, project Report, sales & marketing etc. IMDS Ltd is helping with their expertise from project selection to the marketing. Entrepreneurship development program not only gives a platform to their ideas but also help them to stand & start the new Project. Our guidance is for prepare a project report for Entrepreneurs dream project. For that we only says...

Project Selection

IMDS India helps with their creative guidance to start your dream business. When you start the success journey of your life then you will choose right track with our Proper Guidance. In every subject there is a steps, if you select perfect track then you can easily achieve the success step and you will be the winner of your business.

Project training

IMDS Runs Skilled courses and based on courses we conduct practical oriented exam, it mean skill of that candidate can identi?ed by trainer. Most of all Skill course is judged through practical oriented exam.

For example 50 marks for practical exam and 50 marks for students behavior, attendance & attention during the course.

IMDS NIDHI LIMITED helps entrepreneurs and small scale businesses to grow their business by providing business loan under ‘MAHAUDYOJAK’ Project Our Plan of action is to spread maximum skill center of various sectors in overall India . We will protect and cherish the interests of all our stakeholder by providing transparent customer friendly financial products and solutions through exemplary customer service, By identifying the employees’ talents and developing them through motivation, recognition and rewards,By optimizing the returns to the shareholders ,By enforcing sustainable practices and by displaying respect to individuals and communities, By giving back to the Society through value creation

Imds Nidhi

In the beginning of business most of them requires a proper project report. IMDS help them to make the project as per their requirements.

Project Report
When we run the business than accounting is blood of any business. We need Financials year accounting, quarterly accounting, monthly accounting & daily accounting for all up to date day to day work. Then economical business growth definately will be their. We well help you to make a good to financial management with our program. Magzine
IMDS India conducts sales training in EDP, following points are covers in training.
1. Sales & marketing training.
2. Personality development.
3. Direct Selling.
4. Indirect Selling.
5. International Marketing.
6. Import & export market training.
7. Digital Marketing. Magzine