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About Us


Institute of Maha E-Learning & Dignity Skill Development Limited welcomes you in the new revolutionary advanced Education System. The 21st Century is known as an era of information Technology. In Today’s Economical market India is emerging as the most developing country based on their skillful population & Largest growing Industries. IMDS Limited is contributing to the development of our nation by providing Skill & Entrepreneurial based education system since 25th Dec 2013. Our organization focuses on nation’s growth along with self development. We aim at developing an individual by focusing on following four factors: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Soul by the means of our education system. This makes the person economically and emotionally developed which empowers the person to stand in society with respect. A skilled person does not only achieve self growth but also contributes in nation’s economical growth.


“Empowering The Skills” These golden words reflect that we are not only developing Skills but also strive towards excelling them and provide a successful business platform to utilize their skills.


Our Plan of action is to expand our skill based education system all across the country.