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Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) is a Section 8 Not for profit concern working under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE). ASCI works towards capacity building by bridging gaps and upgrading skills of farmers, wage workers, self-employed & extension workers engaged in organized / unorganized segments of Agriculture & Allied Sectors.

ASCI is contributing to nation building through Skill Development in Agriculture especially at the times when country's agriculture is experiencing stagnant growth, exodus of quality manpower to other sectors, changing climate with increased variability in production parameters and transformations in international agriculture markets that are especially too much subsidized challenging the competitiveness of Indian Agriculture.

Course Outline

Sr. No. Code Course Name Level Hours Entry Required
1. AGR/Q1111 Agricultural Machinery-Repair and Maintenance Service Provider Level 5 200 Class 12, preferably 1 year experience in a related field
2. AGR/Q7602 Agriculture Extension Executive Level 6 130 Graduate Passed (preferably in agriculture related stream)
3. AGR/Q7601 Agriculture Extension Service Provider Level 4 130 12th Standard Pass preferable.
4. AGR/Q7701 Agriculture Field Officer Level 4 170 Diploma
5. AGR/Q1107 Agriculture Machinery Demonstrator Level 5 200 Class 10, preferably 1-2 years’ experience of working in a related field
6. AGR/Q4904 Aquaculture Worker Level 3 200 Class 5, preferably
7. AGR/Q1103 Agriculture Machinery Operator Level 4 200 Class 8, preferably 0-6 months of experience of working in a related field
8. AGR/Q4804 Animal Health Worker Level 3 150 8th Standard Passed Preferable
9. AGR /Q4803 Artificial Insemination Technician Level 3 300 8th Standard Passed Preferable
10. AGR/Q0804 Assistant Gardenert Level 3 200 Class 5, preferably
11. AGR/Q6101 Bamboo Grower Level 4 200 No entry barrier
12. AGR/Q0301 Banana Farmer Level 4 140 5th Standard Pass preferable.
13. AGR/Q7801 Bare Foot Technician Level 4 576 10th Standard Passed Preferable
14. AGR/Q5301 Bee-keeper Level 4 150 Level 4 150 No formal Education
15. AGR/Q4301 Broiler Poultry Farm Supervisor Level 5 150 12th Standard Passed Preferable
16. AGR/Q4302 Broiler Poultry Farm Worker Level 3 130 No entry Level barrier.
17. AGR/Q0401 Bulb Crop Cultivator Level 4 180 5th Standard Pass Preferable
18. AGR/Q0601 Chillies Cultivator Level 4 180 5th Standard Pass preferable
19. AGR/Q0303 Citrus Fruit Growerr Level 4 140 5th Standard Passed Preferable
20. AGR/ Q0503 Coconut Growert Level 4 150 5th Standard Passed Preferable